Amelija and mother to be !

I am very proud to announce that our baby No 2 is on the way;  not long before she sees the world for herself!

Myself, my wife and daughter Amelija are very excited and looking forward to a new arrival!
maternity and children photographer in london (1)

Maternity photo session in Hampstead, London

You may have noticed that I am going  a little backwards with my posts on the Blog:)

I photographed Yvonne back in December 2010 when she was already overdue. The story behind it, is that not long before her due date, Yvonne visited her friend who’s little daughter was looking at her mum’s maternity photos, which then inspired Yvonne to have it done too. I admired Yvonne’s determination and patience to go through the long photo session at the late stage of her pregnancy!