Emilia’s and her family’s lifestyle photo session in Vilnius

While visiting my native city Vilnius, my family friend has arranged for me a photo shoot with a little Emilia and her parents.

It took a while to get closer to Emilia and she was watching me suspiciously at first while I was preparing my equipment, but later on she was happy to join in to pack my equipment back to the suitcase?15 mins later we’ve made friends with Emilia, and she was happily dancing along the music and then jumping on the bed while her mother was preparing the outfits for her to go outside.As soon as we left the house, Emilia headed towards the swings and sandbox (her favourite) and I shortly followed her. At the times it was hard to catch up with her, but I was determined to catch some live/natural images ? with cute girl.Later on dad joined the rest of the family during his lunchtime break so I had limited time with the whole family.Once dad came on board, we experimented various things in different locations which kept Emilia focused and engaged till the end of the photo shoot.