My Great Birthday Present – 160 feet Bungee Jump near Windsor!

It  was a  cold Sunday in early December, but All Worth it at the end!

I got a Bungee Jump voucher as a birthday present from my wife Ramune last year although I have only managed to redeem it pass it’s expiry date (after number of phone calls) :-).  bunjee-jump12Preparation under way…, fortunately the bungee rope was tougher than the guy has thought, thanks God!


Last moments  on the ground….Videographer said : ‘Say cheese, Aurelijus….’. I was not in my cheerful mood and I could not concentrate what the instructor was saying to me 😉
bunjee-jump9bunjee-jump8I’ve tried to bribe them with sweets as I had no cash on me, but they would not let me go and just pushed me head down 🙂

bunjee-jump7One…two…three…jump!!!ahhhhhhh!! it was the scariest moment of my life! bunjee-jump6No matter how scary it looks, it was Absolutely an Exhilarating Experience! Would definitely recommend  it to the enemy:) bunjee-jump5bunjee-jump4Nice swing on the rope! I believe  I can fly…!bunjee-jump3I felt like a hanging sausage over the fire.  The views over the outskirts of Windsor and over the lake were spectacular! bunjee-jump2bunjee-jump1Thanks to my wife Ramune for a great birthday present and for taking those pictures!