London and Dubai based Luxury Wedding Planner Diana Collins

    Few weeks ago we had a pleasure to meet an amazing London and Dubai Luxury wedding planner Charlene Diana, Director of Weddings By Diana Collins.

    Diana Collins is a British luxury wedding and event planning consultancy providing bespoke, elegant and first-class service to their  discerning clients in the UK and abroad.
    Their specialist team of event planning consultants will help elevate your vision and create impeccable designs for life’s most important occasions with refinement and tasteful restraint. For them merely satisfying expectations is not enough, they aim to always surpass them.

    We did a mini photo session to create the branding images to promote their services.


    Hiring a wedding planner may not be for everyone. Many couples want to immerse themselves in planning and enjoy organising every last detail. However, your wedding is a very important day and most couples have a perfect picture in their head of what it will look like. Having an expert by your side can be an invaluable tool for bringing every look and feel of that picture to life. Whilst I admit I am biased, I truly believe that hiring a professional planner is invaluable. Here are my reasons why..

    1. It gives you back your time – Wedding planning is a lot of work and consumes a lot of your time, especially if you are doing everything yourself! It is estimated that on average brides to-be spend 15-20 hours per week (equivalent to a part time job) planning their wedding. If you have a demanding day job that leaves little time for much else, it is definitely worth considering hiring a professional planner.

    2. Ensures your budget is realistic and maintained – Money is one of the hardest aspects of planning a wedding. Who’s paying, how much, when is your bill due and how do you ensure you don’t go over budget? A wedding planner is like a financial adviser who specialises in weddings. They can manage your wedding budget and let you know how much things should cost, roughly what percentage of your budget will be spent where, and when payments need to be made in order to secure services or products.

    3. They pin down your vision and bring it to life – Whether you know exactly what you want, have a vague idea, or no idea at all, a wedding planner can help you define the look, style, mood and emotions you want to create. They know the latest trends and are inspired daily by other brides, suppliers and the industry. They can visualise what will work in your venue and know how to bring your vision to life.

    4. Ensures reputable and professional vendors are involved – With so many people offering wedding services, it is becoming increasingly difficult to decipher which vendors are trustworthy and a good match for you. Without a wedding planner, most couples base their decisions on internet searches or recommendations from friends. While those tools are valuable, most professional wedding planners have extensive networks of vendors with whom they have worked closely, and whose work they can vouch for. They can set you up with great quality vendors that align with your vision, budget and personality.

    5. A venue coordinator is NOT a wedding planner – I often hear couples say that their venue has its own ‘Wedding Planner’, when in fact they mean ‘Venue Coordinator’. While a Coordinator can be a real asset to couples, their responsibilities and concerns differ greatly from those of an outside wedding planner. It’s important to note that venue coordinators work for the venue and not for you! A venue coordinator will handle the venue’s operational logistics for the wedding day itself, i.e. set-up of tables and chairs, food and beverage management, parking logistics and management of the venue staff. That’s usually as far as their involvement extends.

    A planner on the other hand, will work with the couple for up to a year before the big day helping with everything from design creation, budget management, stationary/invitations, vendor booking, and contract negotiation, along with coordinating everything on the wedding day.

    6. It ensures you enjoy the planning process – When you first get engaged, wedding planning is very exciting.? You buy every magazine, bookmark every blog and attend every wedding exhibition to help plan your big day. ?However, with so much information out there, it can get overwhelming and stressful, to the point where you are so worn out with all the decisions and actions required that it is no longer fun. Wedding planners do this every day and will bring to you the resources that best fit your needs so that you can ENJOY the planning process!

    7. Planners can help save you money – I often hear people say that a wedding planner is not in their budget, however, planners have relationships with vendors and venues so get you the best deals. They can also help to prevent you from over spending in certain areas. In the end, the money and time saved might be greater than the cost of the planner.

    8. It can save your close relationships – Your friends and family are not substitutes for a professional wedding planner. Despite all their best intentions to help plan and execute the wedding of your dreams, friends and family members have their own priorities, i.e. jobs and personal responsibilities and may not have enough time and energy for your wedding planning. Hiring a professional planner takes away all the boring responsibilities of planning a wedding leaving you and your friends and family members to enjoy the fun bits.

    9. It can help save your marriage – I know what you are thinking, how is that possible if I am not even married yet?! They say that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful life events. For couples who have no previous experience of planning a wedding, the sheer stress can inevitably take its toll and cause unnecessary strain in a relationship. Budgeting, guest list, tricky family dynamics, seating arrangements etc., are just a few of the common topics that often trigger ‘heated debates’ amongst couples.

    A professional wedding planner can help manage these areas of contention leaving you to focus on the reasons you are getting married and enable you to enjoy the build up to your special day.

    10. Help navigate challenging family dynamics – Weddings usually bring out tricky family dynamics that need to be carefully managed. Many couples have to deal with a plethora of conflicting opinions from their families about how the wedding should unfold, and it can be hard to please everyone. Not to mention stressful. A professional wedding planner can be a great objective resource in tricky family situations. They help you deal with your family’s expectations, show you the available options and can be relied upon to give you expert advice so you make an informed decision.