New website is one week live!

In the last 6 months I was so busy creating my new website that I didn’t  have time to post about it in my Blog. Yes, it is live for a week and fully functioning. I thank and appreciate the feedback received from many visitors and clients what makes all the effort worth it .

It took us nearly 4 months to create it from scratch not including my personal time gathering ideas and researching on how I want my new web to look like. There were so many things to think about and work on hard such as website size, colors, design, text, layout of the pages ect. I wanted it to be simple to navigate, stylish, with large images and accessible  for the search engines.

We created the draft web design with my good friend and IT guru Sigis. Talented web designer Sigita gave us a hand with a final web design and tuning. She transformed our simple website into stylish and attractive to every customer eye. I would highly recommend her if you require help with the design of your website, a company brochure or a leaflet.  Once again many thanks to Sigis for his hard work, sleepless nights 🙂 (there is 2 hours difference between Lithuania and UK), attention to every detail and dedication to create a great website. I would appreciate more comments or suggestions re: new website so it can serve well for all of us.