Panasonic GH5 Test 4K UHD 60p 6400 iso

    We were lucky enough to play with the brand new Panasonic GH5 at SWPP Photography Convention in London. Carol from Panasonic UK has kindly given us a camera for a few minutes to test it.

    It was pre-production camera with Beta firmware. The GH5 is physically much more improved than GH4. It is a bit bulkier in a good way and it feels more solid, still comfortable in the hand.

    It has full HDMI output, a bit better screen, new menu; 60p in Full 4K UHD is amazing step forward with 10bit 4K internal recording.

    We filmed all the clips handheld so we are sorry for a bit shaky clips. All the clips were filmed between 1600-6400 iso in 25p 4K UHD 3840-2160 10bit 150mbs and slow motion in 50p 3840-2160 8bit. It appears that camera performs around 2 stops better in low light and there is less noise in the shadows. It is difficult to judge from handheld clips but clips looking more pleasing for the eye.

    We had trouble importing and editing all clips in Adobe Premiere CC 2017. It was crashing while importing or starting to edit the clips. The Panasonic representative told us that it might be due that Adobe Premiere is not being compatible with 10bit 4K or beta firmware. It might sound funny but we have managed to edit clips only using Adobe Premiere CS6 which is a few years older version than CC2017. We did very quick colour grading with Film Convert Plugin.

    I hope you enjoy watching our first quick test of Panasonic Gh5.

    Feel free to add any comments or questions below.