Far From The Tree book launch trailer

This short video was created at Andrew Solomon’s book Far From The Tree launch party at Metropolitan Museum, New York. Varna Studios had a pleasure to photograph and briefly film this amazing event.

The design and this magnificent lighting of the event was created by a very talented team from CARMONA DESIGN

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Bridal project ‘Travelling London Bride’, part II


She is a fun loving girl,who loves singing, dancing and certainly riding a bike. This is the character  for the “bride” Kristina who was the model for one part of my project.

I guess I finally can reveal it that the  above project is well under way, although I had to put it off for sometime because of the high season for weddings:)

Briefly about the project:

It involves a bride travelling in London by all means of transport including on foot .Earlier in April I posted some pics from ‘bride on foot’, but more to come from it.

‘Bride travelling by bike’ was very much an active day : bride riding the bike and me breathlessly running after her  to get a shot:)

Kristina was very enthusiastic about the idea and generously got into the role of bride on the bike. We were all over the London that day which made our day very interesting but also incredibly tiring . But hey, it was worth every pedal!:)