WOMEN in white

There are three women who I am in love with and would never be able to choose the only one among them…..They are my wife and two of my daughters:)  I love them to bits as they make my life thrive!

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Mini family lifestyle photo session in Vilnius

One late afternoon in May I dropped in to see my old friends in the old town of Vilnius. They just had a baby boy born and were very excited. Their other child  Guste was even more thrilled about it and rushed to show me her new arrival to the family.

As the day was sunny and bright I took Guste out just round the corner from home to take some playful pictures. She was keen to look good  and chose her outfits for the photo session rather responsibly:)  Later on her family joined in for couple of shots.

Here are some of the great images from it!! Enjoy as I did….

Moderni seimynine fotografija, Aurelijus Varna Photography