Amelija – 7 months (little explorer)

Amelija just turned 7 months but she does not stop surprising us with every day coming:) She is already crawling, pulling herself up to a standing position and repeatedly saying daddy.  Amelija is on solids too, which she loves and enjoys as well as her parents do:)

Her smile could ‘melt the ice’ and  can lift your mood immediately . She is such a joy to be around and is definitely a bright spot in our lives.

She loves me and enjoys playing peekaboo with me but as soon as she sees the mum her smile becomes  even brighter!

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Amelija’s studio session

Being a dad-photographer is not easy as it may seem when it comes to shooting your own 7 weeks baby daughter:). We might have left too long as since birth she has already developed a character and at some times during the photo-session she wanted her way:). Overall a successful photo session although I wanted to be in the photos more but I guess that’s the fate of the photographer – dad :).

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